Prototyping, Product Design & Development.

Turn that conceptual image on your screen into a solid object that you can hold without having to invest in any tooling.
3Dprinted universal swivel bracket
Universal swival bracket with ball and socket. 3D printed in nGen.
This prototype assembly revealed that the initial design required an extra locking clamp.
Adjust, tweak, modify and make it again. No expensive and time consuming tooling adjustments required!
Not sure which design option is most suitable, looks the best or is the most ergonomic? With 3D printing it’s so easy to make multiple versions so you can get to the optimum design as quickly as possible.
Trial assemblies can be made before any metal has been cut.
You do not need any experience or knowledge of 3D drawing or printing to use this service. Send us your two dimensional drawing, or simply a dimensioned sketch. From this we produce a 3D computer model. This is then converted into thin layers by a special programme and used by the 3D printer to produce the required parts.

Scale Models

If your product is too large, heavy or cumbersome to take around and show to your customers, how about a scaled down model?
Or simply a display model in your office? Try displaying a full size sectioned GE jet engine. This scaled model is much better for illustrating how jet engines work.

Maximum Size & Materials

The maximum size of a single part must fit within a volume of 200mm wide x 200mm deep x 205mm high. Larger items can usually be made by dividing into smaller parts and then joined together after printing.
Materials available are PLA, Amphora nGen copolyester or ABS. See the materials information page for their respective properties. A wide range of differant colours are available.
GE Jet Engine scaled model
Jet Engine scaled model assembly.
3D printed in PLA.
Design with thanks to General Electic
Planetary Gear Wheels
Planetary Gear Wheels
Each wheel assembly printed as a single entity. All the gears rotate within the outer race.
Decorative boxes for gifts.
Decoratve gift boxes. 3D printed in PLA.
These trial prints enabled testing to ensure the various contents could be correctly packaged.
Mobile phone support
Mobile phone support for mounting on a bicycle.
An assembly incorporating brass components, 3D printed in nGen.
Model owels
Model owels.
A single design scaled and printed multiple times.