Split Patterns and Core Boxes for sand casting foundries.

We 3D print split patterns for use directly as loose patterns, for mounting as multiple patterns on plates or as double contraction pattern masters for metal pattern production.
Split Pattern image
Split pattern with core prints, 3D printed in ABS
Core Box image
Core box 3D printed in ABS, to go with the illustrated split pattern
The traditional method of pattern making, using wood to produce patterns and core boxes requires skilled craftsmen. Such people are becoming increasingly scarce and those still working at the craft are usually in high demand with long lead times.
Send us your two dimensional drawing, or simply a dimensioned sketch. We  can then produce a 3D computer model including your required draft angles, machining allowances, contraction and core prints. This 3D computer model is converted into thin layers by a special programme and used by the 3D printer to produce the required parts.
The printed patterns can also be used directly as a split or loose pattern. With board mounted multiple patterns, we can either supply the required number of copies, or you can use the original and make your own resin copies; just like wooden patterns are commonly copied. Double contraction can be added at the drawing stage if metal patterns are to be produced from the 3D printed pattern
We can also supply matching split or knock out core boxes to suit the printed pattern.

Print Size

Maximum size of a single part must fit within a volume of 200mm wide x 200mm deep x 205mm high. Larger items can usually be made by dividing into smaller parts and then joined together after printing.


Available materials are PLA, Amphora nGen copolyester or ABS. See the materials information page for their respective properties. Patterns and core boxes are usually made in red or black colours respectively, though a wide range of alternative colours are available.
3D printed bearing black pattern
Pattern for a bearing support with core prints 3D printed in ABS
Core box image
1st core box for the bearing support pattern, 3D printed in ABS
Bearing support 2nd core box, 3D printed
Bearing support 2nd core box, 3D printed in ABS