Letters & numbers made to your size and font.

With positive or negative draft.

Individually printed 3D letters
104 mm high x 4 mm thick individually 3D printed letters in ABS. This font is Times New Roman, but we can print most font types.
Fed up with the limited range of zinc die cast letters available? Or the hours it takes to carve out all those letters to your customer’s font and height?
Now any style of lettering or numbers have become so much easier to obtain.
We can print a standard font, or individual designs, to your required height and thickness. We can also add positive or negative draft for raised or recessed cast lettering.
You can have individual loose letters for gluing to the plaque or pattern plate. Alternatively, we can make plates with recessed or raised lettering for you to fit flush to the pattern surface. This option can save even more time in the layout and positioning of the letters.
The maximum size of a single part must fit within a volume of 200mm wide x 200mm deep x 205mm high. Larger items can usually be made by dividing into smaller parts and then joined together after printing.
Materials available are PLA, Amphora nGen copolyester or ABS. See the materials information page for their respective properties. Pattern parts are usually made in red, though a wide range of colours are available if required.
Bronze plaque image
All the lettering and numbers were 3d printed and then fixed to the pattern